My first thoughts on “What happened” reflected the obvious.

We have been duped. We had been complacent and relied too much on pollsters. Something was horribly amiss.

News kept pouring in. Conway’s spins. Fox happened. Nunes happened. Blatant lies and denial so much denial the river was depleted. I expanded into reasons for the “why” Trump won, and shared my “conspiracy theories” with those patient enough to listen. Here are few points:

  • Russia meddled in our election process.
  • Trump promised the Russians something quid pro quo – to obtain their help which I believed included – mass propaganda, shifting public opinion, hacking voting registration databases, hacking voting machines, infiltrating the government by placing people lobbying behind the scenes for / pro Trump
    • In exchange, Russian interests were : Oil. Drilling in the Arctic (one of my friends is Swedish. She told me about the Nordic States fight against Russian movement on the Arctic) Free commercial business relations – new market (US) for Russian products. Isolation of the United States against EU so that they could attack/invade Ukraine. Money laundering through US venues organizations and businesses.
  • Trump’s interests were to salvage his failing businesses and find a new cash cow.
    • He is not as rich as advertised
    • He is in debt to the Russians/ others needs to pay back loans
    • He is an inept businessman but a shrewd one. His interests prevail above anything else.
    • This wasn’t good for the country, and it would promote a deeper social division.
    • He would move towards isolating America from EU
    • Economy will tank
    • Protests would erupt.

Those things for me, were clear enough.How did I come up with those thoughts and why?

I am not a politician. Flirted with journalism but I suck at delivering something under the pressure of deadlines.  But I lived in communist countries and I understood how that system works. I’ve seen dictators reaping out the heart of democracy, one Gulag at the time. My family have been persecuted because of their ideas of having a “Free Press” and Freedom of speech. I have studied propaganda courses with the BBC as part of my film directing classes. I have studied Communications, Economics and worked in PR. I worked also in Advertising and I know how easily the public mind can be swayed by the “right image and the right word” at the right time. Because I know how stories are crafted, the plot, the hook, the “between the lines”. I have an acute sense of justice as many in my family championed for social causes, social change, progress, and how the “rule of the law” can and is often bent in societies that lack democracy. that I felt compelled to share them from the end of  October 2016 – to the end of March 2017. My husband, half amused half concerned for my mental aggravation and my increased anxiety, blamed it on my unfamiliarity with politics.

He tried to balance my POVs and concluded, there was not enough information to confirm or deny anything. He made jokes that Trump won because I had that dream like somehow I manifested my fears. To me, all that was coming out was the sad fact that people did manifest their fears into reality.

I felt guilty.  For not being involved into politics. For not having an oversight into the “dark” forces behind Trump’s advance, support and popularity. Hillary’s defeat felt personal. And I doubted myself, my desire to see the democracy of “We the People” win, apparently was not the desire of the majority. Except, it was. Except…